What our clients say about PReP Intl
Cameron W.
Chief System Operator
Major Multi-State Investor Owned Utility

Our utility,  like many others, went through a major period of reorganization and realignment for almost the last 2 years beginning early 2012.

Over that time period, we changed Reliability Coordinators, moved our Balancing Control Center and actually changed which NERC region and RTO we coordinated operations with. During that time many of our operators retired and we had a difficult time understanding which end was up!

We needed access to a supply of experienced and Certified NERC System Operators in two control centers in two states who would learn our desks and procedures, work reliably as scheduled and allow our Chief System Operators and the rest of team some peace of mind that Safety, Reliability and Compliance would never be compromised. PReP Intl provided 4 immediate operators – 2 seasoned retirees and 2 NERC Certified Navy Nukes in June 2012. When we needed 3 we worked 3.

At some point in 2013 we had 6-7 PReP Professionals working at one time. 18 months later and after everything settled down our operations has pretty much returned to normal. Managing under that much pressure and uncertainty is never fun, but having access to the Professionals at PReP Intl made my job and my team’s jobs possible. PReP Intl was able to respond in real time. Every talented professional they sent our way was competent, capable and committed. Having them around also helped make our teams and my bosses more confident.

We regret because of the uncertainties, we were not able to snag a couple of them to join us full time, but perhaps some day in the future we will. We certainly tried. If your operations need senior operators to help train junior ones on a part-time or interim basis, or you need help finding talent who can hit the ground running that are already “Prequalified and Ready”, we can certainly recommend PReP Intl for your mission critical real time system operator roles.

Bryan F.
Manager of Training
Midwest Investor Owned Utility

The energy landscape is evolving. As regulation changes, a once simpler process of promoting from within for operator roles is now more complex as we onboard about half of our operator talent from outside. Meeting the challenges of reliability is more essential than ever. Our System Operations Center faces a period of unprecedented complexity. This complexity echoes throughout the industry.

As our vendor, PReP Intl understands that our system needs individualized attention. Their firm continues to be the specialist in System Operator manpower in North America. We prefer to work with experts. By being a specialist in the industry and operations, PReP Intl gives our group more value than just staffing. Their solutions help us adapt to change and improve talent management and organization development as well. PReP Intl has deep diversified utility experience coupled with a concentration in the compliance, training and NERC regulatory field. Their staff is expert in NERC compliance and operations, customer-focused and professional. PReP Intl has a selection process methodology that has been tested and refined with a variety of utility companies in all regions and entity registration types. PReP talent helps us create predictability and longevity. With any other firm we would likely spend as much time explaining our needs as evaluating their proposed solutions. Using PReP Intl for our talent management and human capital management saves time, money and reduces risk.

Interim System Operator

ALCOA Power Generating Inc.
We have had non-stop change in our operations. With a wave of retirement and new regulations, we needed a fully qualified NERC Certified Interim System Operator to immediately step into our Hydro Dispatch operations. In the six months we used PReP Intl’s prequalified ready certified professional, we were able to assure our internally promoted candidates had an effective onboarding experience and passed their certification exams. The PReP Intl professional we engaged had years of relevant operations experience, met our every expectation and had been around the block a couple of time and was deep and capable in both compliance and training. PReP Intl knows our space, is a great resource for interim and regular candidates. We are glad we are able to count on them as our “Plan B” and to be available when needed for interim roles and to supplement our onboarding strategy.
Bill Zigli
Deputy Commissioner
Cleveland Public Power
With PReP Intl, we were able to fill critical operation openings in less than three weeks with certified, experienced professionals. They fit right in, added immediate value and improved our departments readiness, reliability and flexibility to meet future vacancies and occasional absences. We are now hoping these prep intl pros want to join us as regular employees in the future.
What our talent says about PReP Intl
Your Skills Are Needed!
NERC RC System Operator in CA
PReP Intl

Guest Post by PReP Intl Consultant

Finding myself unemployed after 30 years in the electrical utility business as a System Operator and not yet quite ready to retire, I met Matt Sadinsky and PReP Intl via a social media site. Matt encouraged me to consider temporary contract employment with a large utility in the south as a means to acquire new skills, contacts and help his client manage a set of large changes and challenges.

Being from the West Coast, I was initially hesitant to make such a commitment. I was concerned about what being an independent consultant means after a career/lifetime as an employee and was unsure if this would work out. After a few sleepless nights, I agreed to take on the challenge. Matt guided me through the pre-employment processing in days, and setup a meeting with the company. In a few weeks, I signed a 3 month contract with an option for an additional 3 months. I worked in two locations as an operator, managing various duties, using my knowledge of operations and history of experiences across operations on desks and in an area of the country that was brand new. During these six months, I learned how to be an even more effective operator and found my opinions and experience were quite valuable, appreciated and needed. I helped the operations teams at this major utility transition through a complex time, assuring reliability and compliance while mentoring some newer operators and making new life long associates and friends.

Matt is very thorough and knowledgeable when it comes to system operations and the operator’s job. He really understands the unique aspects of the position. Additionally, he knows the recruiting and human resource aspects of the industry and has the personal contacts to get your foot in the door. PReP Intl is like having your own professional agency when it comes to landing a System Operator position.

After completing my 6 month engagement with the company, I was able to parley my experience and contacts into several job interviews and job offers. I owe a great deal of this success to Matt, and the PReP Intl organization for affording me the opportunity to get right back into the game. I am now in a much better position to call the shots when it comes to my career options and opportunities.

Regain My NERC Certification
System Operator RC, Entergy AK
PReP International
After retiring from one Power Company and doing several various things for a number of years, PReP Intl helped me earn the credit hours to regain and maintain my NERC RC certification. They then placed me in an operator job role working for a different utility almost 1000 miles away getting my experience and training caught back up to where I wanted it to be. After just over a year working as part of a big change effort, PReP Intl introduced me to players at another utility right in my own back yard. I soon will be starting there as a regular operator on their payroll. PReP Intl is well managed and staffed to help you achieve your dreams and move fast. They are like having your own agent focused on what’s best for you and your family by understanding what you are good at and then placing you in an appropriate role in operations. If you give PReP the chance to help you – you won’t regret it. They understand what makes a good career, understand the job market and will stick with you as you build or extend your career of a lifetime.
Researching Career Opportunities
Sector Operator, NYSEG
PReP International
During my search for opportunities to continue my 25+ year career path in Power, I had the chance to meet and work with PReP Intl CEO, Matt Sadinsky. Matt has turned out to be the very best in the business with years of professional C-Level experience. He guided me in every step of the process, preparing me for interviews, fine tuning my resume and coaching me on the next step in my career after reviewing where I have been, what I have done, and talking to folks who know me professionally. He was able to accelerate my career transition process and help me sort out several options that we ended up creating together. Working with Matt is a true pleasure, his professional demeanor and follow up is beyond reproach. In addition, the position I ultimately accepted is an excellent fit. I would highly recommend PReP Intl to any professional sincerely interested in launching, continuing or extending a career in Energy. He and the PReP Intl team has worked with many of the HR leaders in the industry. With over 12 years in Energy and 30+ in HR, Matt knows many Operations Pros and the inside avenues to make contact and get traction. Overall, Matt is above and beyond others in the so called “recruiting” industry. He is building PReP Intl to be much more than that. PReP Intl is now my personal and professional agent. Just as a professional ball player has an agent, now I do too. Matt and the team at PReP Intl served me well helping me understand my strengths, my development and training needs and evaluating several key positions across the US. There is a clear and distinct advantage between a recruiter and my professional agent. Get an agent with PReP Intl – give them a call – it is the best investment you will ever make in building and growing your Energy Career.
PReP Intl Redefined My Career
System Operator, Tri-State E&G
PReP International
I met PReP Intl at a critical time in my life. Our family was growing and while I had a good job, it really was a dead end career path. I was unsure how we were going to increase income and use my degree and work experience to our best advantage. I was in the process of reinventing myself and needed some direction. During this process, I met a local system operator in a motorcycle shop and came to know and begin to understand more about system operations. The more I learned, the more I believed system operations suited my interests and skill set. What I was missing was some direction on how to get where I wanted to be. After googling around, on a whim I reached out to PReP Intl and Matt. This turned out to be very fortunate. Matt, was very generous with his time and expertise. Through testing, assessment and coaching, Matt confirmed with me and then his contacts at his clients that I was suited to a career in system operations. PReP Intl provided me with the materials to understand basic electrical concepts and NERC regulations. After passing my NERC certification on my first attempt, Matt introduced me to Operations and HR teams at my current employer. I was hired in less than a month as an operator trainee at a large utility. The career has been everything I hoped for and has put me, my career and my family in a much better place.


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