New Available Position! SCADA Engineer

Posted by on Mar 8, 2015

New Available Position! SCADA Engineer

SCADA Engineer

This is a full time consulting role for PReP Intl, leading to regular full time employment at Cleveland Public Power (CPP). Reports to CPP Management for oversight and operations.

Compensation: $75-$85K + Benefits depending on experience. Continuing Education provided. Premium Hours for Holidays and hours in excess of 40/week. Paid time off.

Requires proof of eligibility to work in the US via e-verify and passing a drug screen and background check. This job exists to assure effective new SCADA system operations.

This SCADA champion will lead vendor acceptance testing process and assure continuous operations and improvement, documentation of procedures and interface with PJM and CPP System Operations and support team. This role will be responsible for managing the interface of System Operations with PJM Scheduling in the new CPP SCADA system in accordance with PJM and CPP Policies and procedures.

Ѳ This role will manage MW hour Costs, Schedule Power Purchases, review and
reconcile MW transactions and payables to PJM and coordinate real time
operations with System Operations.

Ѳ Maintain documentation, equipment, software and assure SCADA back up and operations in accordance with Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) protocols.

Ѳ Assure safety, compliance and coordination with operating procedures.
Experience Required: Understand switching, alarms, RTU’s (Remote Telemetering Units). Knowledge of communications and experience with metering, relaying imports.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Information Systems or related field. Associates Degree or commensurate experience may be accepted in lieu of BS.

Engagement hours: Normal Days 40 hrs/wk with possible call in for emergency operations. Cover System Operation shifts on an emergency and as needed basis. NERC and PJM Certification preferred. Military Experience preferred. Requires commitment to continuous learning and education with reimbursed travel for industry and technical training.

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