Interim System Operator

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Interim System Operator We have had non-stop change in our operations. With a wave of retirement and new regulations, we needed a fully qualified NERC Certified Interim System Operator to immediately step into our Hydro Dispatch operations. In the six months we used PReP Intl’s prequalified ready certified professional, we were able to assure our internally promoted candidates had an effective onboarding experience and passed their certification exams. The PReP Intl professional we engaged had years of relevant operations experience, met our every expectation and had been around the block a couple of time and was deep and capable in both compliance and training. PReP Intl knows our space, is a great resource for interim and regular candidates. We are glad we are able to count on them as our “Plan B” and to be available when needed for interim roles and to supplement our onboarding strategy.

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