Talent Management

Make your First Choice, the Right Choice


To be competitive in today’s demanding and challenging times, organizations need people with unique and specialized skills to get the job done. PReP Intl is here to help HR departments and hiring managers navigate their risks and reduce their costs of recruiting and hiring. We use state of the art technologies and tools to recruit, evaluate and train the best talent available for our clients. We work with energy companies who generate, transmit and distribute power to find them the brightest skilled system operators and engineers tasked with keeping the lights on. At PReP Intl we believe there are solid business reasons to aggressively pursue only star-caliber talent. Your business needs to make the right choice the first time and hire talent with a proven track record, and so we provide you with only PREQUALIFIED and READY EMPLOYEES FOR POWER.


Evaluating the Cost of Hiring

Hiring mistakes can be very costly. Turnover costs per hire are typically 1-3 times an annual salary, and in the high-tech world of energy production an average hiring mistake could cost as much $300,000. The choice of internal candidates is disseminating quickly as many current employees embark on retirement and experienced employees are lost to competitors. PReP Intl has taken the guess work out of hiring and provides you with talent matched to your environment who are ready to fill your critical needs. A decade of experience developing effective training and compliance solutions for over 1,000 clients, has helped us to recognize great talent. We’ve seen that no matter how well you train people, having “the right stuff” to begin with makes all the difference.


Dealing with Compliance Risks

Losing key people leaves your company at risk of being out of compliance, one of the most serious concerns facing energy companies today. Furthermore, those employees still at the organization are continually faced with slashed training and education budgets. PReP Intl can help reduce your compliance risks by providing you with talent already prequalified to meet your specific needs. In anticipation of rapid industry changes such as the increasing number of retirees, we are here to help you succeed in this ever-changing environment. Our association with the industry’s leading training company – SOS Intl – enables us to maintain the highest training standards and gives you the best access to engaging qualified professionals.


Reducing Time-to-Hire

When taking on a new contract, PReP Intl preforms a comprehensive evaluation of your critical positions and our talent available for you. PReP Intl’s comprehensive evaluation of talent reduces your hiring risk and optimizes your recruiting and training dollars. We profile each position to profile the successful behaviors, cultural fit factors and measurable performance results required. We have equally preformed a comprehensive screening of our talent who will become your potential candidates. Our unique testing process ensures we can find the “best fit” for even the hardest to place energy industry positions.


Contract Options Based on Your Needs

More organizations like yours are turning to specialty firms whose work is focused specifically in the unique industry of energy. This is what makes us different than other traditional recruiting firms. We have an understanding of the industry and the knowledge of what experience is required. Our approach streamlines your placements through our prequalification and certification process which reduces your cost to hire and onboard new employees. Three PReP Intl contract types are available including:


Are you looking for consultants to supplement your workforce whom require special expertise? Save time and money by letting PReP Intl recruit, screen, prequalify and place the professionals who meet your specific needs.


Does your HR department need time before making a permanent hire? PReP Intl can place our consultants with you on a short-term contract. At the end of the contract period, you will have the opportunity to decide if they would be a good fit for permanent placement.

Direct Placement

Are you need of a full-time, permanent employee? PReP Intl is here to recruit direct placement hires for your hard-to-find critical positions. We guarantee if you are not happy with the person we select, let us know and we will replace that candidate if they do not work out and provide a suitable replacement.

Real Time Staffing