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Talent Management

Mission Statement

More organizations like yours are turning to specialty firms whose work is focused specifically in the unique industry of energy. This is what makes us different than other traditional recruiting firms. We have an understanding of the industry and the knowledge of what experience is required. Our approach streamlines your placements through our prequalification and certification process which reduces your cost to hire and onboard new employees.

HR & OD Consulting

Who We Are

PReP Intl is not simply a staffing company, we are a partner for professionals and organizations seeking to build, grow and extend their career and the careers of their employees in the new age in energy. Those involved with human resources in these energy organizations should be seen as the most strategic thinking department in the company.

Available Talent

What We Do

Finding the right talent to fit into your organization is critical for HR Departments and hiring managers to maintain success. PReP Intl ensures our talent and consultants are prequalified and ready to come work for you on day one. Browse our available talent now and contact us today to learn more about these professionals.

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