Cameron W.

Posted by on Oct 2, 2014

Cameron W.

Our utility,  like many others, went through a major period of reorganization and realignment for almost the last 2 years beginning early 2012.

Over that time period, we changed Reliability Coordinators, moved our Balancing Control Center and actually changed which NERC region and RTO we coordinated operations with. During that time many of our operators retired and we had a difficult time understanding which end was up!

We needed access to a supply of experienced and Certified NERC System Operators in two control centers in two states who would learn our desks and procedures, work reliably as scheduled and allow our Chief System Operators and the rest of team some peace of mind that Safety, Reliability and Compliance would never be compromised. PReP Intl provided 4 immediate operators – 2 seasoned retirees and 2 NERC Certified Navy Nukes in June 2012. When we needed 3 we worked 3.

At some point in 2013 we had 6-7 PReP Professionals working at one time. 18 months later and after everything settled down our operations has pretty much returned to normal. Managing under that much pressure and uncertainty is never fun, but having access to the Professionals at PReP Intl made my job and my team’s jobs possible. PReP Intl was able to respond in real time. Every talented professional they sent our way was competent, capable and committed. Having them around also helped make our teams and my bosses more confident.

We regret because of the uncertainties, we were not able to snag a couple of them to join us full time, but perhaps some day in the future we will. We certainly tried. If your operations need senior operators to help train junior ones on a part-time or interim basis, or you need help finding talent who can hit the ground running that are already “Prequalified and Ready”, we can certainly recommend PReP Intl for your mission critical real time system operator roles.

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