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Bryan F.

The energy landscape is evolving. As regulation changes, a once simpler process of promoting from within for operator roles is now more complex as we onboard about half of our operator talent from outside. Meeting the challenges of reliability is more essential than ever. Our System Operations Center faces a period of unprecedented complexity. This complexity echoes throughout the industry.

As our vendor, PReP Intl understands that our system needs individualized attention. Their firm continues to be the specialist in System Operator manpower in North America. We prefer to work with experts. By being a specialist in the industry and operations, PReP Intl gives our group more value than just staffing. Their solutions help us adapt to change and improve talent management and organization development as well. PReP Intl has deep diversified utility experience coupled with a concentration in the compliance, training and NERC regulatory field. Their staff is expert in NERC compliance and operations, customer-focused and professional. PReP Intl has a selection process methodology that has been tested and refined with a variety of utility companies in all regions and entity registration types. PReP talent helps us create predictability and longevity. With any other firm we would likely spend as much time explaining our needs as evaluating their proposed solutions. Using PReP Intl for our talent management and human capital management saves time, money and reduces risk.

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